Vijoriya and Technologies
Security needs are changing and technology is altering as well alongside with them. Finding the right technology for your residence, business or additional wants may be difficult  especially with new products being released to the market so frequently. Vijoriya & Technologies (V&T) is your solitary stop system integrator and surveillance solution provider. We present all forms of techniques to ensure your security with our advanced biometric solutions that  supply a fool resistant solution when it comes to safekeeping for your organization premises in addition to wireless camera in Rajasthan.

Vijoriya & Technologies (V&T)  has been providing customers with several of the best integrated surveillance systems in the market. The company offers security solutions such as biometric solutions, that  are recognized to be a foolproof way of permitting access to only a set of people authorized to access the facility. These biometric solutions such as retina identification or fingerprint admission are tailored to match your specific needs. We therefore also provide solutions around CCTV that  makes it possible for companies to keep watch on the going on inside the company. They are designed to meet the specific client needs and ensure their security.

Vijoriya & Technologies (V&T)  provides some of the finest products in the marketplace. You can be sure that you will be getting the most excellent quality mega-pixel camera in Jaipur which is one of the intrinsic components when you are aiming to install biometric solutions to secure your permanent assets. In addition, our biometric solutions are available to you for all your security requirements. Companies can contact us for their most intrinsic or even complex surveillance solutions. Only the finest wireless camera in Jaipur is provided for any surveillance needs. The cameras provided are not only extraordinary excellence other than too long-lasting. This means that you will not only get the most excellent in terms of image, but will also save a lot of funds in the long run. It will be a lengthy age before you come across any difficulties or technical troubles with the CCTV cameras thus you will save funds in terms of maintenance. This also points out the truth that they are uncomplicated to maintain.


With Vijoriya & Technologies (V&T) , you will also be getting the best in terms of experience. We provide you with extremely experienced professionals in video analytics in Mumbai. You can therefore be sure that you will be getting high class services for the setting up, analysis and maintenance of your surveillance cameras and videos. The experts at Vijoriya & Technologies (V&T)  contain worked on a wide variety of projects moreover continue to create and install surveillance techniques for many high security locations. Biometric security has proved to be single of the most advanced solutions that maintains the premises well protected preventing any not permitted person misusing or even entering the premises, which could render the premises prone to dangers.


The entire in all, when it arrives to securing your premises whatever the magnitude and type of services, be it video surveillance systems, standalone DVR, the time and attendance management system to track employee effectiveness or canteen management systems to even fire alarm systems, there is just solitary name that you can completely trust your security needs right around the clock. On the residence front too, Vijoriya & Technologies (V&T)  has the talent to provide the newest gadgets like the Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS), gate automation and Video Door Phone (VDP) to secure your overall building or society plus even at the individual flat level